It’s the Staff, Stupid!

Never underestimate the human element in being able to infuse disaster into an otherwise sound business. That’s the theme of our discussion today. How a little thing called “people” can hijack the success of any company and especially a gym such as LA Fitness.

Gross Hot Tub

Who's Cleaning Up After Something Like This Goes On?

It’s pretty obvious that the people who run LA Fitness are very intent on achieving their goals. Whether their goals are to help people get fit and healthy or to make money is a topic for another day. Regardless, it’s obvious that even if money is the primary focus of this company, actually helping their customer-members reap real results must be a major focus. After all, if LA Fitness was able to help people drop weight consistently, if they had the “magic pill” that other gyms did not, then everyone would go there and the owners would become even richer than they already are.

I’m quite sure that there is a standard training system in place for both lower-level and management-level employees at LA Fitness. The curriculum is probably designed to yeild consistently good results where customer satisfaction is concerned. Yet, as is the case with any system that has a human component, it’s only a matter of time before the proverbial mice will play.

If we look at the story told by Erin about the LA Fitness Redlands CA, we get a clear picture of how well a gym can be run if the people there do their job correctly. Admittedly, it might be the case that Erin has a sufficiently low set of expectations in regards to how a gym should be operated that she could have hardly done anything but write a positive review, but there’s no way for us to know that.

Contrast this with the many stories we hear of the pool at various LA Fitness locations not being properly maintained or the locker room trash containers overflowing, or broken machinery, or pushy sales people, or imposing trainers. In fact, almost all of the complaints that are regularly levied against LA Fitness have a distinctly human cause.

The crazy thing is that LA Fitness may be one of the better gyms out there. These types of problems are not unique to this company.


About The Snitch

I'm one of those people who like to pick on big corporations and expose all the nasty stuff that they do. I'm picking on LA Fitness in this particular blog. I do feel a little bad for them though sometimes, so I also will publish stuff that seems to come from people who are really happy as LA Fitness members.

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