Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I’ve only been at this for a few days now and I’m pretty sure that this blog is going to turn into a pool of negativity. The simple truth of the matter is that there’s a lot more dirt to dig up on LA Fitness than songs of praise. It might be true that this just goes with the territory, that there may be a lot more people who complain about this company than talk it up, but there’s no way to really tell.

Now, to be fair, every dog has its day and sometimes LA Fitness gets it right. Consider the recent story written by Lauren. Her remarks about her local LA Fitness are full of glowing praise. She talks about how nice the club is when compared to others in her area. I’ll give her credit too, she has been to other LA Fitness locations before this one opened up so she has some type of realistic base from which to draw meaningful comparisons.

After reading Lauren’s testimonial of the exemplary experience she’s had at the Mission Viejo CA LA Fitness, you might be tempted to think that all of the gyms in this chain are run in similar fashion. I hate to be the one to disappoint you, but this isn’t a realistic frame of mind to take. Just punch “LA Fitness” into the yelp search bar and start wading through the comments about the company’s more than 300 clubs. If the gym was consistently able to provide this superior level of service then they would have very few reviews coming in under 3 stars. This isn’t the case though, is it?

It would seem that what we have going on here is a company that invests a lot of time and money in new facilities in order to attract new members. It’s a good plan, if you have the will and means to set up multiple high-dollar facilities. Unfortunately, it would seem that things eventually go downhill from there. I guess that once a gym is filled to capacity, there’s just not the same level of motivation to keep the place (and the equipment) fresh and new. Funds are better directed to building new gyms, from a business perspective that is. So my guess is that if we check back in on Lauren in 10+ years (not really that long in my opinion) she’ll either not be a member anymore, or be a member who is a bit disenchanted with the place.


About The Snitch

I'm one of those people who like to pick on big corporations and expose all the nasty stuff that they do. I'm picking on LA Fitness in this particular blog. I do feel a little bad for them though sometimes, so I also will publish stuff that seems to come from people who are really happy as LA Fitness members.

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