Leave the High Pressure Tactics at Home

Spring TX LA FitnessOne thing pretty much everyone can agree on is that they don’t like high-pressure sales tactics. This applies whether buying a car, condo, or gym membership. This is the kind of sentiment Jaire Q recently wrote that she shared her thoughts on visiting the Spring TX LA Fitness to see if she wanted to sign up.

Jaire reports that she was frustrated in her search to find the right gym. They were either not close enough to where she lives, were stocked with people who didn’t seem to have a very good disposition, or both. She was glad to find, when she stopped in at the local LA Fitness that this wasn’t an issue. Unfortunately, she was disappointed to find that the person giving her the tour was also the person who turned into a high-pressure sales-guy as soon as the tour was over.

The girl stuck to her guns though and though some aggressive and shrewd negotiation tactics of her own she was able to negotiate a price for full membership at the Spring TX LA Fitness of just $30 per month with no initiation fee. Not bad.

By The Snitch

By The Snitch

Jaire confided that she knew going in that the people running this particular LA Fitness facility were not going to win any awards for proper attitude or customer service. This didn’t phase her though as all she cared about was getting into a setting she could work out in consistently and make a change in her health for the better. Jaire is an example of how someone who is motivated can take the good with the bad and get what they need out of almost any gym.


About The Snitch

I'm one of those people who like to pick on big corporations and expose all the nasty stuff that they do. I'm picking on LA Fitness in this particular blog. I do feel a little bad for them though sometimes, so I also will publish stuff that seems to come from people who are really happy as LA Fitness members.

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